Friday, 2 April 2010

La vita è gioia (the joyful life)

I have begun time and again, so here goes another attempt in the newest chapter of my life.


Already full of sundry personal changes and continued growth.
24th year of my life (wow, I keep re-reading that because it doesn't seem true... Nevertheless, I will be 23 next weekend!).
Grand move across the country (I'll address this later).
Took on a demanding new job (since the move) with plans to continue my photography/design career.

Didn't necessarily make "resolutions" so much as I'm determined to improve and change (and we're not talking Obamunism "change") in many respects.

This morning while taking a shower (don't ask me why, but prepping time in the bathroom always proves profitable for boosting creativity and solving life's dilemmas!), I was struck with such JOY. It can only come from one source, and that would be Jesus. What amazed me is that I had been praying for renewed joy and thankfulness preceding this pleasant burst of happiness, and my Abba was ever quick to supply. It has carried me through the day as I prepare to attend tonight's Good Friday service.


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