Friday, 25 March 2011

Stylish Kitchen Gadgetry

I love to cook.
I love to bake.
This necessitates kitchen tools.

Hence, if you find me grinning wildly while doing a little happy dance (probably just inside), it could just be that I've found some handy new gadgetry to fill my kitchen drawers.

Take Fred Flare Kitchen & Dining, for example.

Or Urban Outfitters Kitchen Department.  It melted my wanderlusting heart to see M-CUPS' Matryoshka Measuring Cups in their store last year!  (They've since found a happy new home in my cupboards).

Now, neither of these stores are the first resources I'd typically start with for regular cookware, but when it comes to the extra tools one might need or want, they always stock creative, unique wear.

Here are some fresh gizmos from a recent In Style magazine of mine.  (Click the photos to enlarge.)

What out-of-the-ordinary tools could you not possibly do without?  A Chef’n Strawberry Huller?  What about an old-fashioned Mezzaluna (which is Italian for "half-moon")?

Share your favourites below!

1 comment:

  1. That leaning tower is too cute. Oh and the striped scarf you commented about is the American Apparel circle scarf and I have one in every color. Okay, that is an exaggeration but I have quite a few and wear them obsessively. They are the best.


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