Friday, 20 May 2011

Listen to your mother

This man obviously didn't, because he still plays with his food!
(Which would usually merit a proper, "Tsk, tsk", but I think we can make a little allowance in this case...)

A lot of creativity comes out of Seattle, Washington.  I love that city!  Today, I bring you the creations of Seattle's own Christopher Boffoli.  He pairs food objects with tiny little figurines to create miniature scenes of everyday life, and calls this the "Disparity" project (which I found out about via Telegraph UK's feature).  How clever are these?

"I have always been interested in size disparity and a juxtaposition of scales between people and things ever since I owned a tiny model train world as a kid," he said. "There is in some part a god-like feeling to having command of an entire world, which you can rearrange at any capricious whim."

"It takes a lot of patience to make these tiny scenes as the figures are prone to falling over after they are set up. It can take up to 25 attempts to get the perfect shot." (Patience, yes; but, at least they don't complain or put up a fuss...!)

Christopher said he often makes a special trip to the grocery store or bakery for a shoot and has to be extra selective in choosing food that looks good. "But I particularly like working with patisserie because I can nibble on the leftovers after the shoot." (SMART!)

These are just some of my faves from his minatures series.

(This one was particularly funny.  If you're not laughing at the humour of it, you're at least smiling, right?)
See?  The hazardous results of eating things you just shouldn't.  My Texan friend, Erin, would say, "Twaaankies!"

If you enjoyed looking at these, check out more of Christopher's tilt-shift images here (scroll down to the bottom, last album on the page) and here.

"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"
— Dr. Seuss

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