Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hot cinnamon rolls in 80° weather?!

I should be in bed, but I needed to "blog it out" first after "sweating it out" (thanks for nearly doing me in every single time, Jillian Michaels! *Passes out*) earlier.  After getting home from work, I changed into workout clothes and went jogging for an hour (yes, even in these unusually warmish temps [for April]!) around the local neighbourhoods.  It was very exhilarating and actually quite fun, considering; however, try this again in a few months and I will doubtlessly regret it, since the humidity will also have kicked in by then (YUCK); making outdoor activities fifty times more intolerable.

On an ironically exercise-defeating note, a friend posted this recipe online recently and I thought they sounded purely divine.  With my mum coming to town this Saturday, you can bet I am excited to share the kitchen with her.  I already have a bunch of meal ideas coming to mind, but I know she will also have some new recipes to share.  Good times ahead!


P.S. HYIt'sVegan's 'Bacon Cheddar Mini Quiches' also looks pretty tasty, but I want to play around with it and probably make them semi non-Veg (e.g. skip the soy products and also use real bacon).  What a fun idea to put the quiches into individual little pans like that, don't you think?

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