Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Yet another feast!

Time sure has gone by since my last post, but every day has been so full recently that I don't have much time for anything besides work and other things when I'm actually at home.

One of the recent events to bring tremendous joy to our house is with the birth of Daniel & Kristin's (my bro-in-law and elder sister) third child, Jackson Lewis Ferrill.  He is absolutely precious, and we all sure are reveling in having a new baby around!  Needless to say, the past week has been exceptionally eventful, and I'll write a more detailed account of it later. :)

My sweet mother has also been out visiting for the past ten days, and she has brought an equal measure of comfort, delight, and wonderful company to all of us; but myself especially (I feel).  We have had many heartfelt talks (which just aren't the same over the phone or Skype, even though we're thankful for technology!) and cooked many a delicious spread.

Tonight's farewell dinner was a tried-and-true favourite, one I've been craving for a while, but saved just to cook and share with Mum:

* Note on the Linguini: This recipe leaves the balsamic vinegar/EVOO/red onion mixture raw, but Mum and I prefer to sauté it (esp. if you're feeding those w/ easily-upset stomachs).  We also like to use fresh chicken broth (recently cooked) if we have it on hand.

Cheerio for the present,


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