Thursday, 10 March 2011

St. Patrick's Day plans

ST. PATRICK'S DAY is coming!
Seven days from now.

(You're probably thinking, Sarah!  This is a bit premature; we have 'til next week...)
But, I tend to plan in advance (what else can I say, then that I'm like my mother -- and that is something, because she is amazing!).
Oh, and I found some glorious food photos.

Along those lines, what are your plans for next Thursday?  Do they include traditional dinner fare of Potatoes, Corned Beef, & Guinness (deemed, "hearty comfort food" by Jane Seymour, in the cooking video I was just watching on Martha Stewart)?  Downing green-coloured conconctions whilst proudly sporting orange &/or green (don't wish to run the risk of being pinched!)?
In America, many of us serve classic Irish-American food such as the above, or you might find us mixing up a Black & Tan, mashing some Colcannon, baking a Shepherd's Pie, or munching on a slice of Irish Soda Bread.  However, whilst studying this holiday back in high school, I was surprised to learn that the Irish across the pond don't actually celebrate in the same fashion as we do (that's right, no corned beef and potatoes!).  Why didn't anyone tell me this before?!

Here are some lovely party/meal planning links (just in case you're catching the planning-ahead bug):

Martha Stewart's St. Patrick's Day Guide (Martha is a fave of mine)

The Kitchn's St. Patrick's Day Cocktails & Spirits Roundup (which all sound downright drinkable to me)

♣ For dessert, a slice of Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Guinness Cake (for further instructions and photos from a fan of Nigella's cake, go to the Kitchn)

♣ Or, you might wish to nibble on sweets earlier in the day with these Peppermint Patties tantalising you from Elana's Pantry...

Now that your stomach is full from all those delicious images and ideas, tell me what St. Patty's Day looks like in your home.  I'd love to hear!

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