Monday, 18 April 2011

Lady Fingers

Last week was the first time experimenting with making a Gluten-Free Tiramisu, for my birthday.

Lady Fingers.

They are supposed to be delicate.  Slender.  Easily broken into bits, if you're not careful.

This is what the store-bought kind always look like, in my experience.

Source: Flickr (user dulique)

And this is essentially what mine turned out like (just a little better for the wear, but still as flattened-out)...

Source: Flickr (user nefariouskitty)

Although they did taste just fine, and the texture was soft enough, if that's how they're going to be, we might as well rename them PUFFY fingers.  How depressing!

Here is where YOU come in.  Have you baked lady fingers before?  Regular wheat flour, or gluten-free?  The best solution is probably just to keep trying, but I'm wondering if anyone can offer any good advice to help me achieve satisfactory results.

Should I bake them in thin molds instead of on a baking sheet (so that the batter won't spread)?



  1. My very limited experience with gluten free baking has been that the batter is rather runny. Weird texture altogether, really. Did your dessert turn out ok?

  2. Yes, I sometimes get that too! It can be really inconsistent, depending on the types of flour you use (i.e. paying attention to the proper 60/40 ratio: 60% starches ((potato, tapioca, corn, etc.)) and 40% whole grains ((almond flour, sorghum flour, etc.)).

    The dessert did turn out somewhat satisfactory, but the lady finger recipe needs refining, because the overall result just didn't taste as irresistible as the glutenous version! ;) *Pout*

    When I get it just right, I'll definitely share the final recipe.


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