Tuesday, 12 April 2011

To know you are loved


A dear friend of mine surprised me by dropping by in the morning, and brought me with a sweet treat!  Completely unexpected.

It's a giant truffle; the kind of truffle that fairytales are filled with.  I'm thinking Alice in Wonderland, minus the creepiness.

(I've never been keen on that story, although I convinced myself to watch Tim Burton's adaption last year and didn't mind it.  I just can't recover after being scarred for life during my early childhood by a frighteningly bad made-for-television version!)

Fresh berries in abundance.  I am blessed to live in an area where they are grown locally!

(Comment: Did you happen to notice how these are missing the tops?  I've seen them sold at stores this way, as well (and it just seems a shame to lose practically half of the berry!).  Anyway, my little sister has henceforth been banned from slicing strawberries until she can properly cut them without taking off a quarter of the berry.  My brothers and I thought this was pretty funny, and we'll be happy to help her until she can get it right!)

Now, the Tiramisu... It will get its own special post, because I need your advice!

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