Tuesday, 12 April 2011

They say it's your birthday...

That is, according to that famous Beatles song.  Today happens to be mine, and yes, and I still have five minutes to go until it's officially past (or, at least I did when I started writing this!).  The nice thing, though, is that my birthday always carries on throughout the rest of the week, due to belated well-wishings and tardy presents.  We call these "extended birthdays" in my house, and I happen to enjoy receiving unexpected greetings and such just when I thought everyone was done giving them.

Today's special dinner menu included Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Linguine, sautéed greens, a lettuce and herb salad, and a superb bottle of Rabbit Ridge Allure de Robles.  Oh, and let's not leave out one of my favourite desserts: Tiramisu!

More on that tomorrow, since there is something else that I've been bursting (pun fully intended) to share with you all:

Introducing "Wicked Good Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Cups" from Bakerella!

One of my brothers eagerly showed the recipe to me after seeing these the other day (ha, I know it's just because he was hoping I would make some...).  Clever idea, no (though, I must admit I'm a tad worried about the finished products tasting like Latex... Gag!)?  I love that Bakerella involves her children in the process.  Gosh, it really saddens me that my niece and nephews aren't nearer, or they'd definitely be in on the party!

'Don't have your own munchkins yet?  Then take this opportunity to bless one of your friends who is a busy mama by offering to borrow hers for the afternoon.  Balloons + chocolate + ice cream & sprinkles + playing in the kitchen with little people sounds like a good deal of fun and laughs to me!

Oh, and speaking of sweet Bakerella (A.K.A. Angie Dudley); please be praying for her, as she is desperately in need of a kidney transplant.

What are your thoughts on these unique pudding cups?  Will you be making some, or does the very idea turn you off?  Can you think of a better shape/tool to make the chocolate bowls with than a balloon?

Well, I'm off to sweet dreams (which will—funnily enough—probably be chocolate or sugar-related)... Goodnight!

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