Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ode To Cruise Food, Part III

This is the last post on my fabulous Sea Princess Cruise to Alaska and Canada (part II here). 

(I make no promises, but that is the plan.)

Fruit sorbet!

Chef's choice desserts.

Me with my favourite bartender, Sanjay, from India.  We talked about cameras, photography, traveling, and all sorts of interesting topics!

Appetiser: Chilled Peach Smoothie

One morning, we took a tour of the galley!

These talented men are not only responsible for the beautiful, intricate fruit and vegetable carvings, but also ice!  Another day, we watched them carve an animal out of ice, out on the deck.

Biscuit with mushrooms and gravy?

Appetiser: Watermelon with Feta (delicious!)

On the last night of the cruise, the entire wait staff treated us to a very special evening.  Here is my favourite Thai junior waiter, Chiradet, waving at us!

Dessert: Baked Alaska -- this is what the waiters were carrying around the dining room!

Chiradet, you're the best!

Baked Alaska.

Pork Chops!

Fresh scallops, shrimp, and salmon.  Mmmm!

Am I the only one who feels full after looking at all those photos?  The food and experiences were amazing!

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